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about us

The Medical Group Management Association of Canada (MGMAC) was established in 1967 as a network of clinic managers from all parts of the country who wanted to learn from each other. We are a supportive community of managers who face similar challenges and help each other improve day-to-day operations.

Members are medical clinic managers working for an organized medical group of three or more licensed Doctors of Medicine who have common facilities and are actively engaged in the practice of medicine.

Many provinces have strong provincial associations. MGMAC is the overarching association that ties all the groups together and provides information sharing beyond provincial borders. Each province is working toward their individual vision of primary care; while we have a great deal of diversity in how our individual provinces approach health care issues, the central goal remains to improve patient care and population health. 

MGMAC facilitates information sharing, especially at the annual conference, where we learn and discuss issues affecting us all and enjoy the fellowship of our peers.

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